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The beauty of the Olympics….


So, when the SA swimming team have wrapped up all their events soon and with the Super Rugby drawing to and end, you might soon be out in the wilderness in terms of where to get your thrill fix.

Perhaps you are tired of watching gorilla-like, bearded women lifting weights, heavier than your mother in law and her chihuahua named squirt, over their heads?

Or tired of hoping for some eye candy in the women’s swimming events and then get put off by those huge, masculine shoulders and tiny boobs?

Well, maybe you just have to watch some of the lesser know sports at the Olympic games. Like Handball. Women’s Handball to be exact, a game I’ve found to be quite…enthralling…

Not at all a boring game to watch, and what’s more, if you’re lucky, you will see beauties like this one…

Hungarian Handball player, Tapai Szabina

Tapai Szabina, Hungary, Handball

Going to Football, or Soccer, there are some other beauties awaiting you attention:

Laisa Andrioli, a Brazillian Football player, or nude model? Setting football fields alight in Brazil, this one…spicy

Laisa Andrioli, if only football was always this good looking….

Milene Domingues, Spain Football

Maybe you are a fan of water sports? Well, then look no further than Synchronised Swimming. Very little in terms of adrenaline and balls (as us men do love our balls, don’t we?), but try to look at it from a different perspective, and maybe your missus will appreciate your artistic side…

Synchronised Swimming, it’s about perfection!

And when it comes to synchronised swimming, it comes in no better shape or form than the Feres sisters…

The beauty of symmetry

To synchronise you need to be close…

The Feres sisters… Synchronised swimming

On the athletics front, its a sad time in javeline as Leryn Franco won’t be present…

Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco, Paraguay, Javelin

Leryn Franco

If you prefer your girls handling some balls, you might enjoy the women’s basketball or volleyball. Very attractive action there and you might spot at least one of these beauties…

Anotnija Misura, Croatia, basketball

Francesca Piccinini, Italy, Volleyball

Francesca Piccinini, Italian, Volleyball

Talking about volleyball though, my personal favorite event at the Olympics is Beach Volleyball. How it became an olympic event I don’t know, as it is perhaps at the same level as beach soccer or beach touch rugby, but, hey, whoever got it into the Olympics, well done! Here I won’t highlight anyone specific, butt any ladies match is fantasstic to watch! Also if you are lucky, don’t forget to keep one eye on the cheerleaders…

Just digg it…

Cheerleaders keep the crowd going…

Expert hand signals…

Two is always better than one…

Ok, stuff the signals! #DatAss!

And don’t forget the cheerleaders…

Well, I guess that should do for now…I hope you chaps now have a little more incentive to support the Olympics!

England has never been sot hot!


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