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Super Rugby Week 13 Preview

Hmmm…who should we eliminate first?

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is bound to be totally incorrect given my run of Superbru picks. Use it at your peril! With a 65% record, I am bound to have at least 2 of these wrong. The question I leave you with is, which two?

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Polls and Peters and P***hols

Open your eyes Mr Peters


On Friday I watched a re-run of Boots and All on TV in which Greg Peters was interviewed about the Super 15 and the inclusion of the Kings.


What can I say! He speaks well considering that he was probably prepped with the questions that he would be asked, but in all honesty I could have seen similar comedy on the comedy channel. Stand up or in his case sit down comedy is not his forte.


When the presenter showed him the results of a poll that they did where 73%, of those that took part, demanded a change to the format. He answers that he hadn’t seen those figures before and that all the numbers at his disposal didn’t show that. What k*k! If that is indeed the case he should be fired for incompetence. The newspapers, blogs and sports channels are full of it. Doesn’t he read, watch or listen to the news.


He then goes on to say that the numbers “That he has” do not agree. The viewership has increased he says. WHAT! Talk about apples compared to pears.


All I can say Mr Peters is this.


  • Viewership is increasing but bums on seats is the same or similar to last year and in some instances way less.
  • Nobody said the viewership was less. 73% of those Rugby followers polled say the format is crap not the rugby.
  • 7% of those polled said the system needed to be tweaked.
  • My arithmetic makes that 80% that don’t like the present format. Even if, as you say, it is only SA opinion.
  • Who brings in a huge majority of the cash to SANZAR???
  • I would like to suggest that you pull your head out of the sand and start looking at the competition through rugby eyes. Leave the Oz tinted glasses at home.

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Super Rugby – Conclusions from week nine – Part two

Sharks making it tough for themseves.

Part two of my weekly conclusions feature will cover the bottom eight of this year’s Super Rugby competition, what their chances are and how they’ll influence the fate of those placed on top of them in the standings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Co-author a blog …. I must be friggin insane!

NO, NO, NO I’m not Kitchner you see what I mean about being overworked.

I have become a co-author on Met Uysh’s blog “For the Love of it” that you will find here I think . I’m sure you all know it by now, or if you don’t you should be ashamed of yourself.

I don’t know why I decided to do such a dumb thing, I have been complaining and bitching and moaning that I can’t cope with my own blogs and and about four others, then I get this rush of blood to the head and become a co-author. Shit! It’s a wonder I don’t support the Lions. My friggin brain must be pickled!

Bloues of fame has also become a co-author but he’s a Bulls supporter and therefore has an excuse. So far he is outnumbered by two to one, so if there are any other supporters out there that want to assist him fending off the attacks of the Stormers guys then you better offer to co-author on Uysh’s blog.

As for the nonexistent Sharks, Lions and Cheetahs supporters remember, if you snooze you lose.

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Super Rugby – Conclusions from week nine – Part One

Hurricane, starts with much promise, but ends in disaster!

Seeing that we are currently at the halfway stage of this year’s Super Rugby Championship, I decided to alter this feature a bit. Instead of listing random thoughts following the weekend’s matches, I will discuss each team’s current situation and their prospects for the rest of the season in the order of how they are placed in the overall log.Another good weekend for South Africa coupled with an even better one for New Zealand, but the less said about the Aussie conference, the better.

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