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Stormers must win, for SA’s own good!

First and foremost well done to the Sharks for a brilliant performance this weekend against the Reds. It was delightful to watch a match were a South African team played rugby with such fluency and flair that it seemed like a Mozart composition being enacted by 15 men in black. Simply stupendous!

But as the final whistle went, my provincial bias and competitiveness got the best of me, and as strongly as I supported the Sharks in the game, so strongly am I now against them. I am a Stormer, after all, and until next weekend, we’re enemies!

No doubt the Sharks are currently the form team in SA rugby and their supporters and all South Africans can be proud and excited about the manner in which they are playing as a unit. This is one team that’s not bother about running over the opposition, but rather making the ball do the work!

Wasn’t it just poetry in motion? They offloads into gaps, the supportive play, running into spaces instead of faces. It was great!

And had the Sharks not been faced with a trip across the Pacific for a third time in as many weeks, I would have been happy for them to beat the Stormers this coming weekend. I am, after all, firstly a South African, and secondly a Stormers supporter.

Based on form, the Sharks is the team to beat. But doing it with such extensive travelling during finals rugby is a daunting task at best, and impossible at worst to achieve victory in such manner over a team that either tops the New Zealand conference or are in a much similar performance streak.

If the Sharks woke up a bit earlier in the season, they might have well had the advantage of playing at home in the next two weeks.

But they don’t. And for South Africa to stand the best possible chance to win this year’s title, the Stormers simply have to step up this weekend and beat the Sharks. This will give them a home final, and the best possible chance to win the trophy since the competition started!

So, let’s all just put away our provincial bias for one weekend, and get behind the Stormers. If we want the trophy in SA, that’s the right thing to do!

Jean de Villiers - Super Rugby Rd 4 - Stormers v Blues

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