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Cowardly thug attacks Referee!

This is absolutely unacceptable! EG Jansen should be ashamed.  And to think that such is a person the schoolboys are supposed to look up to? Personally I would not play for that team unless that coach is fired as teacher from the school and banned from all forms of Rugby for life!


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The assistant coach of the EG Jansen First team has been involved in a shoulder charge assault on a top SARU referee in a Beeld Trophy match against Kempton Park High School this past weekend reports Die Beeld.  

The Falcons Rugby Union will take action against Mr. Schalk Snyman, the assistant coach said the province’s referee boss Alfred Ross.

The video of the incident clearly shows how Snyman who also happens to be involved with the Falcons provincial team, tries to knock referee Mlungiseleli Mdashe over, after the EG Jansen narrowly lost to Kempton Park 24-18.

Madashe is one of the top 25 referees in the country and also the referee manager at the Falcons Rugby Union.

The head of South Africa’s rugby referees, Andre Watson has strongly condemned the incident and said, “It is shocking and tragic that any referee, but Madashe especially, was handled in this way and it does not carry my approval. Hopefully they will make an example of this person and stop this kind of behaviour.”

“It is getting to the stage that referees will no longer want to participate in school sports anymore. The coaches will have to blow the matches themselves and then I would like to see what happen,” Watson added.

The video shows how Snyman and Reghardt Botha, Rugby Director and a teacher at EG Jansen, first have an animated discussion with Madashe. Then Snyman seconds later approaches the referee diagonally and shoulder charges him from behind.

It is a pathetic bit of behaviour by a coach who has failed to set any example for a team who deserves more.

I don’t care at what level this happened and what the reasons for the cowardly Schalk Snyman’s thuggish behaviour was, there is NO excuse for it. It’s people like him that give Afrikaners a bad name and what continues to fuel to racism fire in South Africa!

Here is the videoclip


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4 Responses

  1. #justsaying# says:

    I think we are all human and some more than other passionate about what we love! And yes IT IS NO EXCUSE but people like you that go and post things like this (Cowardly thug attacks Referee!) are no better! You don’t know this person from a bar of soap other than what newspapers have said so I would watch what words you use! What are you actually teaching?

    • nelster says:

      #justsaying#, I take it you think Julius Malema is no Thug either then?

    • MetUysh says:

      #justsaying# Hang on there dear. Do you know this guy? No, I don’t know him, but I’ve seen the video and saw what he did. I don’t really need to know much more to know what type of person he is. I didn’t just read the article, I watched the video.

      Firstly, let’s analyse what I called him:
      1. Thug – Do you think that attacking a referee with the shoulder is thuggish or kind?

      2. Cowardly – Do you think attacking someone from behind without them having the opportunity to see you coming and defend themselves is cowardly or brave?

      Your answers to that should clarify why your view perhaps differs from mine.

      What do I teach? I don’t see the relevance, but what I do not teach to young rugby players is that you can disrespect officials/authority figures and attack them in a cowardly and thuggish fashion. Perhaps with this post, I try, at least, to show that such behaviour is not acceptable behaviour, and that young people will realise that it is wrong. And such behaviour is nothing but cowardly and thuggish, not brave nor kind.

  2. nelster says:

    I watched it. DISGUSTING! That all that could be said.

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