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The Bulls’ performance against the Rebels wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done. It was clear from the get go that the Bulls targeted this match as a potential five pointer and they threw caution to the wind and went for glory. Instead of bullying the Rebels to submission, they went all Aussie on them tried to run them off the park. Unfortunately, the Rebels had the same plan and they were in no mood to just sit back and tackle for the whole eighty minutes.

The result was a free running affair that must have had some purists eating their hats. (I would have done it too if it wasn’t my team playing) But, the bottom line is that the Bulls got the five points that they needed to get out of this match and they will finish the weekend at the summit of the South African conference. Not too shabby.

I don’t think that the Bulls’ defense have suddenly started to go downhill from the high standard set in the opening weeks. But there must be some concern about the team’s mindset when it looks as if they have the game in the bag. They allowed the Crusaders and the Brumbies to come back in the match and they kept the Rebels in the game for eighty minutes longer than they were supposed to be in the game. It is as if the Bulls’ defense suddenly disappears when they collectively decide to go for the bonus point.

I hope this is something that they address before next weekend and hopefully they’ll keep their log position after their trip to Sydney.

While the holes in the Bulls’ defense was a bit of a worry, Morne Steyn’s form was not. There have been quite a few blogger who called for Johan Goosen’s inclusion ahead of Steyn in the national team and some of them even suggested Peter Grant as Goosen’s backup. Goosen’s injury and Morne’s performance today puts an end to this debate in my opinion.

While Steyn’s aim at the posts have been uncharacteristically wayward at times, his overall play has been very good throughout the season. Those calling him a limited runner do not know what they are talking about. While he has no equal when it comes to tactical kicking, he again showed his vision when it comes to playing the situation. His chip kicks over the heads of the opposition has been outstanding and the Bulls have scored three tries from these already with one of them coming against the Crusaders.

He is also the major contributor to the fact that the Bulls are the tournament’s top try scorers at the moment. How then, can it be possible for any other South African flyhalf to even be considered ahead of him in the national team?

I will admit that Goosen has played some good rugger this season and he definitely has the potential to be something special, but at 19 years he still have a long road ahead of him. Why put him under pressure to play at the highest level when the incumbent number ten is still on form and playing very well.

And then, Peter Grant. His defense have been outstanding and this is also Steyn’s major weakness. But, other than this I cant see how he can make any contribution to the Boks that Morne cant do better. Although is yet to miss a kick at goal, he has kicked a total number of kicks that is less than Morne’s total after two games. His backline, although loaded with current Springbok players, simply does not score tries.

At the moment Morne is much more adventurous than Grant, his kicks out of hand are more accurate and travels further than Grant’s and he still slots the important kicks at goal. As far as Goosen is concerned, well, Morne’s shoulder is in much better shape than Goosen’s at the moment.





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  1. Roly says:

    Had me worried for a while

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