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Best in the World now too Good for the Boks?

Bok Jersey??! Nahh!!! Keep it!

Jaque Fourie has been a great talent in SA Rugby and have served his country well over the years. In my opinion he is still the best outside centre we have and I would have had him in my Bok team tomorrow if I had to pick a side.

But when a player of his caliber…or no, if any South African rugby player comes out and say that they don’t want to play for the Springboks, you know there is a massive problem somewhere!!

 I don’t understand why he does not make himself available for the Springboks, according to this report.

 Yes, ok so he wants to be committed to the Japanese side….but tell me this. Was he then not committed to the Stormers when he played for them, but was available for the Springboks? Was he not committed to WP Rugby, because he played for the Springboks? Was he not committed to the Lions, because he was available for the Springboks?

Who the heck is the Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers to have his undying committment and loyalty when no other domestic side ever go that? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy his reasons.

“South Africa has unbelievably talented centres and their time has now arrived,” said Fourie

What, so they are not good enough to lift you out of the team, you’ll just step aside and give them a chance? Right?

But whatever his reasons, maybe we are better off without prima donna’s like that!

 Yes, Jaque, you were a very good Springbok outside centre. You have the ability to become a GREAT Springbok. Sadly, you are throwing it away for a team that will forget about you as soon as you are off their payroll. And by that time, someone who values the Springboks and the honor of playing for his country more than you, will have taken up the Nr 13 jersey. And you will be nothing more than a 32 year old has been. You are throwing it away.



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