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Aussies can’t put it in!

It’s long been suggested that the Aussies are the reason for all the laws around scrum time changing and the increase in penalties at the ruck area increasing instead of scrums awarded, because they have always struggled come scrum time and could not gain a competitive edge with scrums dominating the game.

As a result, we’ve seen the scrums being refereed to be more competitive, regardless of the two opposing teams’ scrummaging strengths. We’ve also seen stricter law application at ruck time. In the past, when the ball doesn’t surface from a ruck, the referee awarded a scrum. Nowadays, penalties are awarded at rucks where the ball doesn’t come out or are prevented from coming out by defending teams, or attacking teams who illegally seal off the ball are penalised. All in the endevour to not have scrums.

We’ve seen scrums reduce over the last few years, as the graph below illustrates:

One of the biggest issues currently at scrum time is the fact that referee’s do not penalise teams for putting the ball in skew. The laws are quire clear, the ball needs to be fed into the scrum STRAIGHT!

Not underneath the


of the


This is no mistake though from Referees. In a recent Q&A with Andre Watson featured on SARU’s Ezine, it is clear that there is a conscious decision from the board rooms that skew put ins to the scrums will not be penalised. Andre’s words: 

“…should referees enforce this at ALL levels of rugby, then we might see more tight head ball won at scrum time.”

 And why should we not see more tighthead ball won? I thought a scrum is there to contest the ball? Surely, the laws have been written in such fashion that teams have equal opportunity to contest the ball in all facets of the game, ie lineout throws should be straight. Why do they not want to see more tightheads? 

“As stated above in an earlier question, it is not done for several reasons.” Those reasons have not been stated, but one could safely assume it is because Australian teams cannot scrum, and as a result they do not want their scrums to be tested and Contested, and win the ball at all times when they are awarded a scrum. 

“The law is clear and not strictly applied. The difference between the throw in at a line out as opposed to the scrum is that in a line out there is a contest whereas in a scrum there is not at the top level as the teams prefer to turn the ball over from defence rather than a tight head.” This is news to me. Teams would rather turn over the ball in broken play than winning a tight head? Really, Mr Watson? 

” I do not necessarily agree with this but it is driven hard by team coaches. Others argue that team just made an error and the non-offending team should have the advantage. ” Same goes for lineouts then? Regardless, doesn’t the team who puts the ball into the scrum have the advantage in any event? 

Me smells a rat with this, and that rat can only be the same person who demands law changes to make the game more attractive in his home country. Despite all the law variations, I think Australia’s rugby is going backwards in terms of quality. It’s a snorefeast on most occasions. Alas, his law changes and implementation changes have born the fruits they been craving, and for the first time since 2004 have an Aussie team won the SupeRugby competition. 


Personally, I think John O’Neill is an

An Ass

A Donkey's Ass

 No, not that kind, more like

 And those


At SANZAR are just kissing his…


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